Flexible Payment Plans

At Sage Dental in Langley, we understand that investing in your smile through orthodontic and cosmetic treatments can be a significant financial commitment.

To make these transformative services more accessible, we offer flexible payment plans specifically designed for these extended length treatments.

Tailored Payment Plans for Extended Length Treatments

Our payment plans are tailored to suit a variety of budgets and needs, ensuring that you can receive the care you need without undue financial stress. Whether you're considering Invisalign, braces, veneers, or other cosmetic procedures, our team will work with you to create a payment plan that fits your budget.

For example, a $5000 Invisalign treatment can be paid for over 12 or so months costing you about $400 per month.

Interest-Free Extended Payment Plan

Our payment plans are interest free. Spread the cost of your treatment over a longer period without any additional interest charges. This is an excellent option for those who want to manage their dental expenses without the burden of upfront costs.

Insurance Assistance

At Sage Dental, we direct bill to most major insurance plans. Our team is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and can assist you in understanding your coverage and maximizing your benefits. We're here to help you navigate the often confusing world of dental insurance.

Please note that our payment plans are only available for some extended length services such as Invisalign and most orthodontic and cosmetic treatments.

Committed to Your Financial Comfort

We understand that every patient's financial situation is unique, and we're committed to working with you to find a solution that suits you. Our Langley Dental team is always available to discuss your options and answer any questions you may have.

Your Oral Health, Our Top Priority

At Sage Dental in Langley, your oral health is our top priority. We're committed to providing you with high-quality dental services in Langley in a comfortable and welcoming environment. Our flexible payment plans for orthodontic and cosmetic treatments are just one of the ways we strive to make your dental experience as stress-free as possible.

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Patient Reviews

Lee Ann MartinLee Ann Martin
01:07 04 Apr 24
I came upon this office as they took over my regular dentist office. I was nervous about losing my dentist of 20 plus years but I had nothing to be worried about. They have been amazing and I am not the easiest patient. I had a major dental issue and was sent to their main office which is just a block away. I have been beyond pleasantly surprised at the quality of the work and the ease of using them. I would highly recommend. Today I had my regular dental cleaning there as they were still finishing up my implants. It was a breeze and I do not like cleanings at all as my teeth are sensitive. I would highly recommend this office
E T (Corveric)E T (Corveric)
02:15 13 Mar 24
2-1/2 hours here today. I can't say it was fun, but very informative. All the staff are most caring and helpful.Great dental office.Next time I go, I think I get a free dessert.
Kayla ShellyKayla Shelly
01:27 02 Mar 24
dr. Rahim & Caitlyn were both so incredibly friendly! I felt like they listed to all of my concerns and met me with multiple solutions to best fit what I was looking for. I left with no questions or doubts and I am totally confident that I am in good hands here. Super happy that I made the switch over to sage dental!
19:13 23 Feb 24
I was a patient of Sage Dental about 4-5 years ago. I stopped going after a horrendous experience with Dr. Maria Tugbang. Firstly, her punctuality was almost always an issue as she was consistently 20-30 minutes behind schedule and I would be sitting in the dentist chair wasting my time until she finally showed up. She would also seem to choose unnecessary and expensive treatments, like regular follow up appointments with herself after hygienist cleanings, so I would have to pay a fee for the cleaning and another fee for seeing her.The worst experience was when I was considering getting veneers. Dr. Tugbang initially recommended that I get some orthodontic work to correct the relapse that had occurred since I had braces, which made sense. But then during a visit, she changed her tune and asked me how much the orthodontist was going to charge me. I told her $1500. And then she said, "rather than giving $1500 to the orthodontist, why don't you give me the money instead and rather than moving the tooth back into it's correct position with braces, I'll just grind away most of the tooth and put a cap on it to make it look like it's in the right position"?!Now, I'm not a dentist, but intuitively that does not sound like a good idea. It does however sound like a very self-interested and greedy move by a so-called health care professional who wants to make some extra money by recommending a procedure that honestly sounds harmful. She was also contradicting her own previous advice. I told her that her suggestion was not what she recommended last time, and she suddenly became incredibly rude and defensive in her reply, so much so that the hygienists present were noticeably alarmed and were actively trying to perform damage control.I was visibly angry and the receptionist told me there was no charge for the visit and suggested that perhaps I would consider seeing Dr. Kara instead, (who apparently had just purchased the clinic from Dr Tugbang). I declined.Anyway, I realize that "Dr." Tugbang has retired from dentistry, (good riddance), and will thankfully no longer be offering quack advice for her own financial gain. I sincerely hope Dr. Kara is a more scrupulous professional going forward. I just had to get this off my chest by writing this review, and will most likely delete it later so it doesn't affect the ratings for the new owner of Sage.
Michael KowalskiMichael Kowalski
01:25 16 Feb 24
Visited Dr Rahim for a second opinion on my highly rated provider. They took my fears (anxiety) and concerns (spiralling) very seriously. They took their time and did not rush and were gentle which as someone with previous childhood trauma means the world who as a grown man would cry and shake at the dentist. After this experience I decided to fully change to their clinic. During a cleaning it was the same experience. I'm quite pleased with their facilities as well; they have headphones to help with the noise and their office is tidy and has state of the art technology to show you the issue in depth. Dr. Rahim always goes into detail about what causes the issue, how it can be treated through different methods and whether it's a concern or not. I appreciate his explanations.
Lynn RoweLynn Rowe
16:25 08 Feb 24
Had my first visit yesterday, and right afterwards called a friend to say "I'M IN LOVE with my new dental centre!" Everyone was very kind and welcoming, very thorough and honest and open, and also reassuring that yes, I do have options to get that nice smile I've been after for so many years! I FELT HEARD! :) :) :)
Janet LewisJanet Lewis
01:17 02 Feb 24
Excellent service. Thorough exams and X-rays, scaling and polish with dentist, dental technician and hygienist. Payment easy and thoughtfully explained by administration. Thank you All.
Bernadeth Yu-AlvarezBernadeth Yu-Alvarez
03:02 27 Jan 24
I went there today for my annual check up and as always, staff were friendly and made me feel at home. Dr Kara is always jolly, kind, and accommodating. He explains things well and answers any questions I may have. I'm extremely satisfied with my implant, the service, and care that I've received from Dr. Kara and the staff team. I highly recommend their service!
Stephanie LaversinStephanie Laversin
01:09 12 Jan 24
Achieving my goals of saving my teeth from my severe clenching and grinding. This is the result of the exceptional knowledge, skills, patience and perseverance of Dr Kara. So blessed to have such a high caliber and talented dentist !!
Darlene AngersDarlene Angers
16:49 16 Dec 23
I was so happy to find Dr Kara after having his expert services 13 years ago. I am confident knowing I'm in the best care with Dr Kara & his support staff who are very considerate & knowledgeable of explaining procedures & expectations. Thank you for your expert care & I'm looking forward to completion of my new smile!
Kathleen McMillanKathleen McMillan
01:04 13 Dec 23
The drs, hygienists and assistants at Sage dental are so kind and considerate. The work is always excellent as well.
allison youngallison young
06:24 30 Nov 23
Staff and office is lovely! I am a new patient here and have only been in twice but I have left happy each time. I appreciate how thorough and honest they are about what is best for my teeth! I’d recommend them to anyone
carolyn gibbscarolyn gibbs
00:10 11 Oct 23
This is an amazing dentist and dental hygienist. I have been going there for many years. Professional, clean and very modern practice. I would highly recommend my dentist and dental hygienist to anyone.
colleen mcquadecolleen mcquade
03:55 23 Sep 23
I have been a patient of Sage Dental for about 5 years now, and have had a lot of dental work done by them,including implants.I had gone to Sage Dental with a badly fitting bridge,that was very uncomfortable to say the least. Dr Kara was able to give me implants and I can’t thank him enough. His staff are true professionals and amazing. I appreciate everything about this dentist,and especially the painless,sedation therapy I had for my extractions. I am convinced that Dr Kara is the best of the best at his job,and his staff are very professional and friendly too.I strongly recommend Sage for all dental work.
julie mcclenahanjulie mcclenahan
00:23 22 Aug 23
I have very high anxiety and panic. They always make my visit calm and relaxing. Bonus, just got my crown done in one visit, no temp crown needed! Sage Dental Rocks!!
brad wilsonbrad wilson
01:27 25 Jul 23
First time here at Sage Dental. The office is very modern and has the latest technology in Dental Equipment. All the staff were very friendly and informative which made me feel welcome. I have a difficult case needing many tooth extractions and was very stressed and worried when I arrived. When I left their office I was relaxed and relieved about my situation. Dr. Shafia Kara was extremely informative. He took the time to explain every issue in detail and answered all my questions. I am so glad I came to Sage Dental. I would highly recommend them for your dental needs.
Tyler TrowbridgeTyler Trowbridge
01:25 30 May 23
After getting options from multiple different dentists, I ultimately went with Dr. Kara at Sage Dental and I couldn’t be happier! My Invisalign treatment went as planned and with no surprises. I enjoy going to Sage Dental and find that the dental assistant Taeya was comforting and very supportive along my 2 year Invisalign journey. I was recommended to Sage Dental by a friend and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to my friends and family! 5 stars!
Cassandra DienoCassandra Dieno
02:22 28 Apr 23
With previous bad experiences at other Dentists and high anxiety going to Dental Offices. My first visit to Sage was absolutely amazing. I felt relaxed, well cared for and every step and process was well explained to me. From the front of house staff, the hygienists and the Doctors. Everyone I dealt with was so kind and understanding of my fears.I will be back again
RTC Container SalesRTC Container Sales
20:47 20 Apr 23
Always available, love the way the office communicates with text messages. Flexible is the most important to me and they always try to fit my son in for adjustments on his braces when its urgent.Stuff and front desk super nice. They try their best always.Thank youAneta
Rich WangRich Wang
02:00 03 Apr 23
I've been with Sage for over 10 years now and highly recommend them for any of your dental needs. They've taken great care of me from fillings, cleanings, adult Invisalign and toothy emergencies. I trust them for the best advice and care. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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