The Importance of Routine Dental Check-Ups


The Importance of Routine Dental Check-Ups

Most people only visit the dentist when they have an oral health issue. Studies have shown that 31% of adults have tooth decay and that 66% also have visible plaque. 29% of people have also suffered from toothache at some point in their lives. The issue is that most people ignore their oral health, and simply visit the dentist when it is too late. This reinforces the fact that regular check-ups are so important, and that you should be doing everything you can to keep up with yours. Want to find out more? Keep on reading.

When should you Visit your Dentist?

If you aren’t sure how much you should be visiting your dentist, then booking an initial appointment is always a good idea. Your dentist can then advise you on how often you should go for a check-up. If your teeth are in perfect condition then you may only need to visit once a year, but if you require some work or if your teeth are less than perfect then you may need to visit them twice a year. Visiting your dentist for a check-up is important because they will also perform routine cleans and remove any hard plaque that might have built up over time. This ensures that your teeth stay clean for your next visit. Visiting a dentist is vital if you have kids too, as any potential issues can be sorted before they go on to cause serious issues.

Why are Check-ups Essential?

In the world of dentistry, you have to remember that prevention is everything.  If you ignore the health of your mouth, then you may find that you are not able to detect issues that could have been prevented entirely. Your hygienist can make sure that the health of your gums is maintained while also stopping any potential bone loss around your teeth. Regular check-ups are also great at detecting the earlier stages of tooth decay. This can cause you a lot of pain and you may even find that you can stop extensive fillings. If you visit the dentist, then you may find that you can get as little work done as possible and this can stop any potential infections from spreading. Many people think that by avoiding check-ups, they can save money, but in reality, the cost of treatment is usually far more when compared to just getting your teeth maintained and cleaned. You can also avoid having to get any extensive work done, and this is better for your oral health overall. Take a look below to see how visiting a dentist could benefit your health, and how we can help you in general.

How Visiting a Dentist Could Benefit your Health

Did you know that visiting a dentist isn’t just good for your oral health? It’s actually good for your health in general.

Risk of Stroke and Heart Disease

If you suffer from gum disease then you are twice as likely to experience heart disease. This is because your arteries narrow as the result of the plaque and bacteria that is in your mouth. By getting your teeth repaired and cleaned, you can lower this risk.


If you have poor oral health or tooth loss, then this can also increase your risk of suffering from memory loss. If you know that your gums are inflamed, then this can put you at risk of infection. This can then lead to brain inflammation, which causes brain cells to die off.

Respiratory Problems

The same bacteria that causes periodontal disease can easily travel through the bloodstream and it can eventually reach your lungs. If this happens then you may find that you end up experiencing respiratory problems. If you see a dentist, then you may find that you are able to prevent things like this from happening.

So, by getting your teeth cleaned on a regular basis and by getting check-ups done, you can be sure to not only take better care of your teeth, but also make sure that you do not experience some of the many health complications that come with having poor oral health. If you want to start taking better care of your teeth today, then we highly recommend that you book an appointment with our dentist. When you come to us at Sage Dental, we will do everything we can to make sure that we give you an appointment in a timely manner as well as one that suits your schedule. We will then set out a plan of action, if one is required, to make sure that your oral health is put back on track. You can get in touch if you want to find out more.

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