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Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment specifically designed to straighten teeth, improve the functionality of your teeth, and improve the appearance of your smile. Using custom-made clear aligners tailored to your mouth, your teeth will gradually shift in place over a series of months. Aligners are made from a clear and smooth plastic that you simply place onto your teeth and go about your day, discreetly, and comfortably. You will need to visit us approximately every two weeks to get updated aligners until your treatment is complete.

Many individuals prefer Invisalign over traditional braces due to their invisible appearance, ability to be removed for eating and cleaning, and generally quick treatment duration.

Braces are a traditional method to achieve a straight smile. It has been proven that the overall health and quality of life for teenagers improves with a straighter, healthier, more functional smile. Using braces, gentle pressure is applied to your teeth to move them into place over a period of months or years. Unlike Invisalign, braces are made up of multiple parts, including: the brackets, archway, metal bands, and rubber elastics.

For both Invisalign and braces, we provide orthodontic care to children, teenagers & adults. We offer functional orthodontic treatment for children. Arch form development as early as age 6.

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We are happy to help you with providing a second opinion regarding:
CT scan , Same day crowns vs. multiple appointments, metal margins/dark lines around crowns, ailing implants, veneers vs composite fillings.

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